Coal Activated Carbon for Water Treament

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Coal Activated Carbon for Water Treament


Our range of specialist water treatments for municipal, industrial and process water treatments is full and extensive enabling us to anticipate and meet all customer requirements.We provide a range of granular activated carbon product and Powdered Activated Carbon products for municipal water treatment.

Special features include flexible approach to adsorption, maximum volume activity, excellent dispersal characteristics in slurries,outstanding thermal reactivation characteristics.Features demonstrated in ranges of coal and coconut shell Activated carbons products for process water treatment include a flexible approach to adsorption, excellent resistance to mechanical attrition and a wide range of particle sizes.

We are expert in water treatment solutions for swimming pools. Beijing Bule Forest Carbon Industry Company plays an important role in the purification of recirculated water, the technique used by commercial swimming pools to conserve water. Evaporation use by swimmers increase the concentration of unwelcome salts and organic compounds. Specialist water treatments are always necessary to maintain the cleanliness and efficacy of the water and Beijing Bule Forest Carbon Industry Company can both advise you and provide you with the best products.

Beijing Bule Forest Carbon Industry Company has an ISO 9001 certificate. We only do activated carbons 100% according to the specifications or customers' detail request. As for packaging, generally it is 25 KG PP BAGS or 500 KG PP BAGS.

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