EA series Activated Carbon

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EA series Activated Carbon


This series of powdery activated carbon are produced through steam activation and through acid and water cooking with charcoal as raw material. The innocuous black powders are full of micro-pore, with high purity, steady performance and quick filtration.These products are mainly used for decolorizing, impurity removing, in chemical reagents, biological products and fine chemical industry.

Technical      IndexSpecification and Model
Decolourization of Methylene blue (mg/0.1g) ≥1110121288
Iron salt(%) ≤
Ash(%) ≤671153.5
Moisture(%) ≤101010101010
Acid soluble matter (%) ≤--0.80.8--
Heavy metals(%) ≤--0.0030.003--
Sulfaate (%) ≤--0.050.05--
Mesh200-325meshThick carbon8-30 mesh

Remark: Technical index can be appointed according to user’s requirement.

Beijing Bule Forest Carbon Industry Company has an ISO 9001 certificate. We only do activated carbons 100% according to the specifications or the customers' detail request. As for packaging, generally it is 20 KG PP BAGS or 450 KG PP BAGS.


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