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PA series Activated Carbon


This series of powdery activated carbon are produced through phosphoric acid method and through acid and water cooking with sawdust as raw material. They are full of internal pore,large surface areas,great absorbability ,and with quick filtration.The products of this series are mainly used for decolorizing and refining of various edible syrups,wine,fruit juice,glutamic acid,pits,citric acid,tactic acid,etc. Characteristic of P-A Series is that they do not contain zinc,therefore they are widely applicable in food industry.

Technical Index           

Specification ﹠model

Specification and Model
PA-T1PA-T2PA-1PA-2PA-3      for waste waterPA-4      Gra-nulePA-20PA-30PA-50
Caramel decolourization(%)≥1201101009080100100100100
Adsorption of methylene blue(ml/0.1g)≥161514131014141414
Iodine number(mg/g)≥10501000900850/1000950950950
Iron salt(%)≤

Remark:Technical index can be appointed to user’s requirement.

Beijing Bule Forest Carbon Industry Company has an ISO 9001 certificate. We only do activated carbons 1005 according to the specifications or the customers' detail request. As for packaging, generally it is 20 KG PP BAGS or 450 KG PP BAGS.


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