Coal Activated Carbon For Solvent Recovery

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Coal Activated Carbon For Solvent Recovery


Beijing Bule Forest Carbon Industry Company provides a range of granular and extruded activated carbons to meet the requirements of the solvent recovery plant or regenerable filter operator. The key features of these products include a range of activity levels for specific solvents at various concentrations, good desorption characteristics, specially washed products for sensitive solvents, excellent product hardness to resist mechanical attrition and a wide range of particle sizes. Spent material may be thermally reactivated.

These types of activated carbons are widely used for recoverofbenzene,toluene,xylene,ethers,ethanol,benzin,chloroform,carbon tetrachloride, etc.

Spec            Type





Apparent density




Particle size


BJ40 ≤5.0 ≥90  350-55054-80   ~4.0
BJ30 ≤5.0 ≥90  350-55054-80   ~3.0
BJ15 ≤5.0 ≥90  350-55054-80   ~1.5
The products can be provided according to the customer's special demands

Beijing Bule Forest Carbon Industry Company has an ISO 9001 Certificate. We only do activated carbons 100% according to the Specificaiotns or customers' detail requst. As for packaging, generally it is 25 KG PP BAGS or 500 KG PP BAGS


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