Honeycomb Activated Carbon

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Honeycomb Activated Carbon

Honeycomb activated carbon is a new type of absorption material made by high quality powder activated carbon and binder. Honeycomb carbon module has a large amount of through holes from one end to another end in a cubic or cylindrical shaped module. This kind of structure gives low pressure drop, high mechanical strength and more contact surface with gas.

Honeycomb carbon module is mainly used for vapor phase pollutants removal.now it is widely use for air purification system which is high flow rate, low-concentration VOC pollutant air streams. This product is not only for industrial application, it also could develop to home application device to control odor, contaminant gas and vapor content with high efficiency

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Item NoHoneycomb Activated Carbon
Main IngredientsActivated Carbon
Pore Density50-300 pore/in2
Bulk Density0.3-0.45g/ml
Desorption Temperature< 120℃
Wind Speed0.8m/s
Positive Compressive Strength>1.2 MPa
Rate of adsorption to benzene vapor> 36%

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