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How to use the activated carbon Dealing with organic waste gas?

Oct 17th,2015


Use the activated carbon dealing with organic waste gas is the most used method.

Wood Activated Carbon

It has a good adsorption performance, one of the most used is Granular Activated Carbon(ACG) and the activated carbon fibre. Although Granular Activated Carbon price is cheaper, the effect is worse than the activated carbon fibre. The downside of this approach is the high cost, not suitable for high humidity environment. But in the present is the most commonly used method.

Adopt the method of active carbon adsorption: waste gas by activated carbon adsorption, after the adsorption saturation, activated carbon will be out of regeneration. Into a harmless substance, the rest of the activated carbon can continue to be used.

Activated carbon adsorption is stable and reliable and not causes any harm to human body.

Blue Forest supply Powder, Granular and Columnar Coal Activated Carbon. They can be used for water treatment,protection,solvent recovery,efficiency adsorption,etc. Like coal activated carbon for air purification and coal activated carbon for water treatment.


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