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The storage method of activated carbon.

Oct 23rd,2015


Usually we think there has no security problem about application Activated Carbon, but there is no absolute safety. We should pay attention to properties of activated carbon and unsafe possibility:

1. Coal Activated Carbon, wood activated carbon or other kinds must be stored in fireproofing building as soon as possible.

2. Coconut Shell Activated Cabon, coal activated carbon and other kind of activated carbon must keep away from oxidant.

3. The storage place should have no open fire and smoke.

In addition, putting activated carbon insolate under the sun, can increase the lifetime of wood activated carbon and make its service life longer.

Beijing Bule Forest Carbon Industry Company mainly has coal acrivated carbon, Wood Activated Carbon and coconut shell activated carbon. All products have an ISO 9001 certificate. We only do activated carbons 100% according to the specifications or customers' detail request.


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